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Septic Inspections

Alpine Landscape Management and Excavation Services conducts thorough septic inspections for real estate transactions and to diagnose repair-related issues.

About Our Septic Inspections

Our Credentials: Alpine Landscape Management and Excavating is a certified OWTS (Onsite Wastewater Treatment System) Inspector in the state of Missouri. 

Our Service Area: Our Service Area Our expertise in septic system inspections spans across the Ozarks, including key areas such as Branson, Hollister, Forsyth, Branson West, Reeds Spring, Galena, Cape Fair, Kimberling City, Lampe, Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, Shell Knob, Nixa, Ozark, Rogersville, Republic, and Springfield, MO. We serve clients in Stone, Taney, Greene, Christian, Barton, Dade, Webster, Douglas, Lawrence, Newton, McDonald, Barry, and Ozark County. 

Inspections We Perform

Alpine Landscape and Excavation Services conducts thorough septic inspections for real estate transactions and to diagnose repair-related issues. Our inspections cover a wide range of septic system types;

Conventional Systems
Drip Systems
Aerobic Systems
Advanced Treatment
Recirculating sand Filter Systems
Mound Systems 
Cluster Community Systems
Decentralized Community Systems.

Types of Septic Systems

Alpine Landscape and Excavation Services are licensed septic system installers in Stone, Taney, and Barry Counties, specializing in both conventional (standard) and advanced treatment septic systems. We stay abreast of all local codes and regulations, ensuring compliance with both state and county requirements.

Advice & Warnings For Home Sellers

Selecting a qualified septic inspector is crucial. Ensure they perform a thorough inspection, including uncovering the tank and checking all pipes. Our team at Alpine Landscape and Excavation Services not only inspects but can also perform any required repairs to meet legal standards, providing peace of mind and limiting future liabilities. Request an inspection with us for a fair and honest assessment of your septic system, ensuring it meets all regulations and is fully operational for the next homeowner.

Misconceptions When Not To Pump Your Tank

Common Misconceptions About Septic Pumping

Many homeowners are under the impression that pumping their septic tank
is a catch-all solution for issues like:

  • Slow Draining Sinks, Showers, & Tubs: A common assumption is that slow drains are caused by clogs or a full tank. However, simply pumping the tank often doesn't address the root problem, which could be more complex within the system.
  • Toilets Backing Up: This issue leads many to believe that tank pumping is the fix. Yet, the real cause could be broken pipes, malfunctioning filters, or solids in the lateral lines, which pumping alone won't solve.
  • Sewage in the Yard: Seeing sewage above ground is distressing and is mistakenly thought to be fixable by tank pumping. Typically, this is a sign of issues with the lateral lines or installation errors.
  • Relying on tank pumping as a solution can delay the identification and repair of underlying issues, potentially leading to more significant, costly problems.
  • Diagnosing Existing Problems: It's easier to diagnose issues when the tank is full. Pumping prematurely can obscure the real problem, complicating the diagnosis.
  • Avoid Pumping from Small Access Points: Pumping through small access points does not allow for thorough cleaning, possibly leaving behind solids that could enter the lateral lines upon refilling.
  • Wet Ground Conditions: Pumping during or after heavy rain can risk the tank floating out of the ground due to buoyancy, causing potential damage.

Why Tanks Occasionally Need Pumping

While septic tanks are designed to contain solids, excessive accumulation can harm the system’s functionality. The need for pumping varies based on usage. Our advanced equipment helps determine when pumping is genuinely needed, potentially extending intervals between services.

Beyond Pumping: Ensuring System Longevity

The most crucial aspect of any septic system’s longevity is the quality of effluent entering the dispersal field. Misinformation about pumping can overlook the importance of preventing solids from reaching the dispersal field. Our Suspended Solids Interceptor is one innovation we use to protect this crucial system component.

Our Approach to Septic System Health

Alpine Landscape and Excavation Services has over two decades of experience. We not only offer pumping but also ensure your system functions efficiently through improvements like installing access risers, correcting inlet and outlet baffle configurations, repairing tank imperfections, and using sewer cameras to detect blockages.

Working Process

For a truly effective solution to your septic system needs, consider more than just pumping. Contact Alpine Landscape Management and Excavating for an assessment that gets to the root of the issue.


2.Design & Work

3.Complete & Maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

What if it rains during the excavation? Will my excavation site be covered up if it’s going to rain?
Every worker at Alpine is trained to recognize wet weather hazards and stage excavation sites to mitigate problems as much as possible. Rain is of course one of the bigger problems we deal with, and in many cases, we’ll simply cover the area well with tarp and weights or stakes to keep the tarp down so no serious damage is done.
How will my excavation site be protected from cave-ins?
With smaller excavation jobs it is simple to prevent cave-ins but when we’re working with trenches deeper than five feet, trench boxes, shoring, sloping, or benching are mandatory installations to prevent cave-ins. By accounting for all underground utilities and soil conditions before digging, we know what we’re dealing with and how to avoid dangerous incidents.
What if the crew hits a water line or gas line?
On the occasion that there’s a miscalculation and we hit a water or gas line, we clear the area, and keep our distance. Being mindful of what substances are leaking is important. At Alpine, we will always contact the utility company immediately to have it dealt with professionally.
What problems with the foundation are encountered?
Old foundations can exhibit cracks and crumbling which means they’re compromised and any excavation company should proceed with caution when working around them. During new foundation installation, a high water table makes for lots of trouble. But with the right equipment we can work to fill and dry your foundation.
Should I notify the neighbors? Are there any dangers to them?
Pursuing any type of major construction work should be something you discuss with neighbors if they’re close by. They could be at risk for utility issues, and if you are quite close to your neighbors and digging is necessary up to their foundation they could suffer from the same problems as your property.
What precautions are taken for safety?
At Alpine Landscape Management LLC we take every precaution for the safety of our team, our clients, and the property we’re excavating on. We avoid falls by avoiding the use of mobile equipment, and protect every trench we create. Prior to any digging, the soil is tested for potential issues and utility lines are mapped out and avoided. In the case of builds that take days or even weeks, inspections are done at the beginning of every day.
What kind of equipment is generally used for excavating?
The prime vehicle associated with excavating is the excavator itself—a large piece of machinery with a long bucket arm used for handling material, digging, and demolition. We also use backhoes, bulldozers, graders, trenchers, dump trucks, and a wide variety of general construction equipment. When it comes to excavation and demolition, you can never have too many options. Right down to the common sledge or jackhammer, if it’s right for the job it’s right for the job.

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